Forestview Project

Introducing our Forestview Way Residence project. We’ve created a cohesive colour palette consisting of warm grey and neutral beige tones with sand and stone textures that draw inspiration from the surrounding natural scenery. Our design ideas were further influenced by the pre-existing exterior and interior forms and finishes of the property. To complement existing timber and tile flooring and add a relaxed and contemporary touch, we’ve filled most of the rooms with earthy tones, greenery, modern shapes, and finishes. The multiple level living spaces exude cohesion, balance, and unity achieved by repetition of colours, finishes, and patterns throughout. Streamlined forms, brushed nickel elements, neutral colours, and fine textures adorn each object and piece of furniture. The softness and texture of chosen soft furnishings paired with the fullness of sheer drapery provide visual balance and contrast hard finishes in the design composition. We’ve taken our design up a notch by engaging two artists to create three commissioned artworks, tailor-made to fit our space and easy on the eyes. Our neutral colour palette adds a sophisticated and timeless feel to the entire space, a perfect chic modern sanctuary.

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