Military Rd Project

Introducing our Military Rd Project – a stunning new build home that incorporates industrial details with a coastal feel to create a beautiful and functional forever home for our happy clients and their growing young family. The project, situated in the distinctive industrial landscape of Port Kembla, NSW, presents a captivating blend of soft industrial and coastal styles that capture the essence of this unique region. The design concept revolves around the juxtaposition of black cladding against sand-coloured bricks, echoing the industrial heritage of the area while infusing elements of coastal charm. Within this framework, the interior boasts polished concrete surfaces, accentuating the industrial charm, complemented by warmer, darker oak tones in the kitchen. The juxtaposition of a marble benchtop and brick-shaped tiles for the splashback adds depth and character to the space. I believe this project not only showcases a harmonious fusion of contrasting styles but also pays homage to the rich industrial heritage and coastal ambiance of Port Kembla. The interplay between rugged industrial elements and the serene coastal influence encapsulates the essence of this vibrant region.

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